Antwerp Jewellery Week

28 September – 4 October 2023


Antwerp Jewellery Week has as mission to promote artistic  and artisanal jewellery in and from Antwerp.

Craftsmanship, creativity and innovation are the core themes during the Antwerp Jewellery Week. As sustainibility and circular economy are important topics for our futur, AJW 2023 has decided to introduce this important theme into its events. Find out more information about our eventsevents 2022

The idea of Antwerp Jewellery Week was born in 2020. After a lot of talks with Antwerp artists, designers, Antwerp schools and inside information of a mentor team

Vinciane, director of has a long experience with the jewellery sector. For more than 25 years she worked  on international jewellery exhibitions, branding of jewellery companies, advices with governments. Gemconsult is specialised in luxury branding for SME. 




This mentor team consists of Jennie Baeten, driving force behind former award competions. Laurent Max De Cock and Veerle Van Wilder, both former teachers and with an international reputation on craftsmanship and design. 

28 september – 4 October 2023


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Antwerp Jewellery Week coordinates all events through its website and social media accounts, but is not responsable for events organised by jewellers, schools,  academies or galleries.