Antwerp Jewellery Week FORUM - 3 October

Antwerp Jewellery Week, Jewellery Talks - Beyond Borders at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Mutsaertstraat 31 - 2000 Antwerp (4pm-7pm) - free entry

For the first time, Antwerp Jewellery Week organises “Jewellery Talks – Beyond Borders”. Key Speakers are –  Siegfried De Buck (jewellery artist) – Karin De Buyssere (co-owner galerie beyond) – Juan Harnie (jewellery artist).

With the choice of these prominent speakers, Antwerp Jewellery Week team wanted to emphasis different views and perspective on art jewellery. The mission of Antwerp Jewellery Week FORUM is to go beyond taboe, or borders, with the respect of every opinion. Find more about each key-speaker: 

Siegfried De Buck

Siegfried De Buck


As one of the pioneers of contemporary silversmithing, Siegfried De Buck plays an important role in the development of the silversmith’s trade in Belgium. His creations range from jewelry to tools for daily use such as walking sticks, teapots or table tools.

A strong personal artistic vision and excellence of workmanship are characteristic of his work. Technique and elegance are put on the forefront. His creations show both a very personal way of expression and a thorough knowledge of material and technique. The result is an oeuvre which shows strong personality and artistic talent.
Siegfried De Buck is particularly attentive to materials and he likes to exploit their different features. The combination of different substances, particularly gold with non–precious materials is distinctive of his work.

According to Siegfried De Buck, the perfection of the silversmith reveals itself in the end product. He therefore always assumes full responsibility for both design and realization of his creations. His technical expertise, willingness to explore materials and desire to look for new possibilities led to many inventive creations. One of these new techniques was the invention of a new welding technique, TIG, now widely used in the silversmith profession.

Subject during the Jewellery Talks

” My jewellery redefined”  1971-2022

Karin De Buysere


BIO – Karin De Buysere °1961 Antwerp – Belgium
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
– ongoing / GALLERIST of Contemporary Wearable Art Jewellery and
Artefacts, started in 2000 as co-founder of GALERIE BEYOND with René
I am working at Galerie beyond as a creative director, curator and organiser of
exhibitions and workshops.
René is taking care of the finance, logistics, web design and graphic design.
Together we are living the same passion and taking part at fairs and events.
– ongoing / started in 2020 my own Coaching Studio as a transformational life
coach 1I1, mentor and organisor of workshops
Certified Practioner coaching
Certified Systemic coaching
Certified Master and Transformational life coaching / Arcturus Institute for
NLP and communication Belgium
Starting Manama in November 2022 at Arcturus training center
Certified Mindwalk trainer Mind-Walk Belgium

Subject during the Jewellery Talks


Juan Harnie


Juan Harnie is a 29-year old jewellery designer/maker and collector from Hasselt, Belgium. He studied architectural and interior arts in Brussels but the scale of the things he had to design troubled him. He liked to work on a small scale and where the smallest detail had a big influence on the piece. This is why he studied jewellery design at the MAD-faculty in Hasselt, Belgium where he could do his bachelors and masters degree. The use of materials, which aren’t normally associated with jewellery, is what fascinates him most.


  • 2014-2016: PXL/MAD-faculty, Hasselt (BE) – Master of Fine Arts: Object & Jewellery
  • 2015-2016: Syntra, Tongeren (BE) –  Goldsmithing and jewellery design
  • 2011-2015: PXL/MAD-faculty, Hasselt (BE) – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Object & Jewellery
  • 2007-2011: Sint-Lukas Art School, Brussels (BE) Architectural & Interior Arts
  • Internship -2015: Galerie Beyond, Antwerp (BE)

Honorable mention

Honorable mention Triple Parade 2016.

As a speaker

  •  Jewellery Talks – Beyond Borders. Antwerp Jewellery Week 2022
  • AJF in conversation: Collecting – the next generation. Munich Jewellery Week 2022.

Several international exhibitions. (China, US, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Lithuania…)

Subject during the Jewellery Talks